Put Your Pedals to the Education Metal

 Now you may think that just because you are doing your schoolwork online, rather than going back and forth to classes and libraries everyday like the coeds of yesteryear – you don’t need to worry as much about clothing and footwear.  But you should put that idea out of your head right now.  While it is true that attending school online can help save substantially by reducing transportation and living expenses, a student still needs to be prepared to attend meetings and visit places for research.  And even spend a period as an intern; all these activities are extremely valuable in developing the experience and well-rounded knowledge that is desirable when you earn your college degree or certificate.  So while you are doing the actual schoolwork online and earning your college credits via virtual tools and technology, you are still learning in a more concrete fashion. 

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Of course, footwear isn’t just a subject of concern while doing your studies.  And that is where taking advantage of the deals available from Groupon can also help.  You don’t want to look like a dizzy undergrad when doing your internship work.  Shoes from Toms can help you look like an up-and-coming future professional, even when you are clearly working as a student.  Your footwear will be comfortable and attractive, while you can better deal with those hours spent working on your feet.  So take advantage of the deals available now to get shoes that will serve you well while you pursue that degree and certification to get your career underway.