Preparation Strategies for Class 12th Biology

Apart from biology being the favourite subject of many medical aspirants, it is also a stepping stone for many other popular careers worldwide. Whether you enter machinery or medical, biology is a subject that helps you to fetch good marks and upgrade class twelve percentage.

Diagrams and Notes

Taking notes at the time of teaching helps students to remember difficult terminologies and also aids in last minute preparation. Since biology is a theory subject it requires multiple readings. Drawing diagrams will help students to maintain consistent interest in the subject. Regular practice of drawing diagrams can help drawing neatly.

In an exam, some questions may contain huge theoretical answer but this can be shortened to uncomplicated explanative answer by drawing the required diagrams. For instance: Cell biology, human nervous system, human digestive system and more.

Concept wise

Certain concepts such as biotechnology, genetics, should be understood well to make them easy. These concepts can be studied together as they go hand in hand. Always try to prepare two to three weeks prior to an exam. Certain concepts can be brought clearly on classifications from instructors. Hence it is important to actively participate in the class.

It is also important to concentrate and prepare first in advance on those chapters (ecology, human reproduction and human welfare) that carry fourteen marks each in an examination.

Previous Year Papers

Practice previous years question papers as much as you can. Has exam approaches, try to solve one sample paper a day. Never try to mug up answers from the book instead try writing down topics pointwise from the book.

Practical Exam

If one pays attention in lab classes, the thirty marks of practical exams can be easily scored.

Biology is a subject that can also be taken by engineering aspirant who is interested to continue in the field of biotechnology. For more biology-related concepts subscribe to our Byju’s YouTube channel