Is coaching necessary for UPSC exams? How can you crack them without coaching?

Is coaching necessary for UPSC exams? How can you crack them without coaching? These are the questions which mostly come across in the minds of all civil service aspirants. There have been different opinions on this topic from the exam toppers. But still no one claims that you can clear UPSC exams only if you attend coaching classes. Many UPSC exam toppers said that they had never gone to any coaching centers. You can find many aspirants who cleared UPSC exam without coaching, some people who left their job for dedicated preparation and some were able to clear while working and etc. It all depends on the level of your hard work and efficiency.

Yes, a few decades ago most of the people were able to clear UPSC exams only with the help of coaching centers, because you get a proper guidance about the strategies and books, sample papers and tricks only from the centers, but now with the advancement of internet, you can still crack the UPSC exams without any coaching centers. All it requires is your hard work and a proper strategy, because apart from the optional subjects, none of the sections in the question paper requires specialized coaching.

So the answer to the above question is, yes you can clear UPSC exam without attending any special coaching class if the below mentioned points are clear.

  • Clear ideas about the syllabus and pattern of the exam
  • Know how to prepare for the exam
  • Get information about the book, study materials and magazines for exam preparation
  • Collect authorized study materials for each subject

How to crack the exam?

Attending coaching classes is not a bad idea because they reduce half of your load. You can crack the exam with proper guidance from the centers. They do all the research work and teach you the tricks to solve the aptitude section.  If you have very good analytical skills and are able to formulate the strategies according to the exam pattern, then you can very well prepare on your own.

With a proper idea and hard work you can clear UPSC exams without investing loads of money on coaching centers.  Here are some guidelines which can be useful for your UPSC preparation

  1. Collect all required study materials

You should have a proper idea of the question pattern and syllabus, for that you should have the complete knowledge of the study materials required for the preparation. NCERT books from class 6 to 12 are considered as important books for UPSC preparation. You can make a list of NCERT Books for UPSC required and start collecting them.

  1. Current affairs and writing skills

Updating yourself with current affairs is very important for UPSC preparation. In the recent years several questions have been asked based on the current affairs. Make a regular habit of reading newspapers and magazines like the frontline, Yojana, Kurukshetra etc. This will help you in improving your writing skills which is crucial for mains.  You can also follow some of the government websites to get an idea about the government related information and policies.

  1. Make use of online sites

There are many online websites available for IAS coaching. You can subscribe to or follow some of the good ones. They educate you with all the recent updates, exam pattern, tips and tricks to follow, syllabus and books for reference. Most of the sites offer free service for UPSC coaching, so make use of your internet connection to the fullest.

  1. Mock test

Another important section in UPSC preparation is the mock test. The more you practice the more you learn. Working on the previous year question papers will give you an idea about the question paper pattern and trend. You can keep an eye on your watch while solving the papers because the time taken to solve each question is very important in UPSC exam.  However, by solving previous year question papers you can also analyze your strength and weakness areas which will help you improve your skills.