Getting Your Essay Written Online; Worth It Or Not?

Many online websites write your essays for a little amount of money. They write an essay for cheap remuneration. They follow the following format.

An essay consists of three main parts.

  • Introduction.
  • Body.
  • Conclusion.

  • Introduction

An introduction like the word says, introduces your idea of writing this essay. It contains an attention grabber sentence that immediately engages the reader’s imagination. Relevant quotes, statistics, surprising facts etc. catch the readers attention. Then, it starts off with a thesis, which is a single line statement about the topic and your view about it. The thesis statement makes the reader understand in a one-liner the whole purpose of this essay by adding your shade of understanding to it. It should be crisp and clear regarding your motives of writing this article.

Following the thesis, you write about a preview which allows the reader to know what he would learn in the following parts of the essay. Including the examples you have used is also a good idea. Finally, the last sentence of this section by default should point to the next part of the essay that is the body of the composition. You can see that there are very few sentences needed to complete the introduction.

  • The body

The middle part of the essay or known as the body paragraph/s form the crux of the essay. This mainly contains the evidence you have used to support your argument. These examples need to be explained in detail, their relationship to the subject and how they substantiate your argument. Usually using the strongest point first makes an impact on the reader’s imagination right away. It should be made sure that the preview in the former paragraph is chronologically matched.

You will have to use a whole paragraph to do it, as it will require you to back up your claims with facts and analogies. Now, before you complete the body make sure the end leads up to the next part of the essay, the conclusion.

  • The conclusion.

This is your last word that you have any say in. Make it count. Conclusion even though is, in the end, it makes a lasting impression on the reader. It needs to be as short and to the point in its conveying to the reader the whole gist of the essay. It should follow your introduction in its function and should highlight your thesis in understanding.