Executive PA Courses

A PA or Executive assistant’s job role is predominately to assist top-level officials in a company. Such a person needs to complete their formal education in administrative support, which is essential for their career. In some cases, they also have to go for a 2-year degree or certificate or a 4-year old bachelor’s degree. If you are looking for a PA’s job at the entry level, completing individual work in the field might be enough.

Education Requirements for an Executive Assistant

To qualify as an executive assistant, you can get training through various means, including high school and vocational courses. All these will help you secure a job at the entry level. However, if you are looking to work for a CEO or vice president, you will need an associate or bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. You may get a 2-year associate’s degree program and major in office management/administration. The programs encompass coursework in basic office computer applications, accounting, planning and scheduling, among other basic office courses.

Communication is the core point in any executive assistant’s career, and that is why most of these programs dwell more on business writing, human resource and all forms of interpersonal communication.

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Qualifications of an Executive Assistant and PA 

The most educated PA has a level 5 qualification that helps them attain the accredited prerequisite of a Certified Executive Assistant of the IEAA. This needs one to develop many skills in the technical business field, managerial skills and higher administrative skills. Becoming an affiliate of the IEAA will earn you the Fellow status (FIEAA).

If you are a level 4 student, you get to become a certified executive PA. For this to happen, you will need to complete the qualification of the main executive PA courses, therefore, earning a membership status (MIEAA).

At level 3, a PA gets the essential skills and must complete the training programme. Upon completion, you will earn the title of a certified personal assistant and also qualify for an associate membership (AIEAA).

The qualification framework for an executive assistant begins at level 2, and this is where you receive all the essential skills that allow you to exert yourself as receptionist, secretary or team secretary. This earns you the title of an associate of the IEAA (AFIEAA). It is an optional level and you can skip it to start at level 3 instead.

Executive Assistant or PA Job Duties

As an executive assistant, you are supposed to offer full administrative help to a president, CEO or any other high-level officials in an organisation. You will need to have excellent communication skills, be computer literate, and also be familiar with the executive’s organisation. These are the most basic skills that a PA needs to have.

You might also be tasked with developing committee or board conferences and meeting schedule and taking minutes. A PA has the responsibility of managing and keeping the executive’s schedule, planning and booking travel plans for the boss, representing the boss in meetings and taking care of logistics. On top of that, you will be needed to carry out research and prepare invoices and correspondence. Under your docket also, could be the tasks of training new staff and supervising the clerical members. Running personal and professional errands is also part of an executive assistant’s job.